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                                                    Fractional DS3 Bandwidth

Fractional DS3 bandwidth quotes are determined by distance between the telecom provider’s central office (CO) and the business location where the bandwidth is required. Another important factor in determining fractional DS3 bandwidth quotes is the number of telecom providers that serve the business location. Fractional DS3 availability is affected by proximity to a fiber-fed telecom CO.  

Fractional DS3 bandwidth quotes and availability can be obtained by using the real-time pricing tool at the top of this page. Fractional DS3 is an excellent alternative for businesses that require bandwidth speeds higher than what is offered by bonded T1 (3 mbps to 12 mbps). Fractional DS3 is available in speeds ranging from 5 mbps to 45 mbps.  

If your business IT applications have grown beyond the bandwidth that bonded T1 provides, you can purchase fractional DS3 at speeds of 15 mbps or higher and can increase your bandwidth up to 45 mbps if needed with little or no installation cost. Once you install a fractional DS3 circuit, installation time for additional bandwidth should be minimal compared to installing an entirely new circuit. Usually, as a business purchases more bandwidth, the cost per megabit of that bandwidth decreases. It should be noted that because facilities are a major factor in the pricing of DS3, and the same facilities are required for fractional DS3 as are required for full DS3, the price of fractional DS3 per megabit is not proportional to the price per megabit of full DS3 (45 mbps).  

Common uses for fractional DS3 are direct internet connection, MPLS networks and call centers.  

Depending on your location, in most cases a more cost effective option is fractional Fast Ethernet. Fast E is offered at speeds ranging from 10 mbps to 100 mbps. Depending on your patterns of bandwidth usage, burstable DS3 or burstable Fast E may be more efficient and less costly alternatives compared to fractional DS3.  

To receive customized fractional DS3 bandwidth quotes and availability for your specific business location, please use the quoting tool at the top of this page. It’s free, real-time, easy to use and there is no obligation.  

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