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                                                    Fractional DS3 Bandwidth

Fractional DS3, often referred to as fractional T3, is a less expensive alternative to a full DS3. A full DS3 circuit transmits data at a rate of 45 megabits per second (mbps). Full DS3 is the equivalent of 28 T1 (1.5 mbps) circuits. Bonded T1 circuits provide bandwidth options from 3 mbps through 12 mbps. Fractional DS3 provides bandwidth options between 5 mbps through 40 mbps. For companies which need 12 mbps or less, bonded T1 can be the most cost effective option, because it is provided through two pairs of phone lines. DS3, however, requires special wiring at the end user premise, so setup costs are often higher than T1 and bonded T1. The major cost advantage for fractional DS3 is often recognized for circuits which are about 10 mbps, and faster. As bandwidth increases beyond 10 mbps, the price per mbps commonly decreases proportionately. For example, an average price for a tier one T1 now averages about $500 per month. With full DS3, the price per T1 often averages about $200 per month. So although the one-time cost of set up for DS3 can be considerably higher than T1 services, the monthly savings for larger bandwidths such as fractional and full DS3 result in significant savings.  

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